Gender Male
Mane/Tail Colour Black
Coat Colour Wasp color
Wing Colour See-trough yellow
Eye Colour Gold
Moth Species Lunar Hornet Moth
Friends/Relatives: None
Creator: nobby


Waspy is a Lunar hornet moth, which is why he looks more like a wasp than a moth. He's very outgoing and can be at times a bit bossy even but once in the bedroom he quickly turns very submissive, same with cuddles and all stuff related. Waspy is a bit embarrassed and ashamed at this and for that reason tries to avoid hugs and whatnot if he can, but won't be a jerk about it and would accept his fate instead of hurting anybody's feelings if backed into a corner.

Waspy is a close friend to Virgo [1].

Relationship to villageEdit

It's been discussed in the thread that Waspy could be the one to take care of the local honeybees and any other insect populations (wanted or unwanted) in or around the village [2].

Where Virgo might be the first to discover that an important supporting column has gotten termites, Waspy would be the one to take them elsewhere before repairs might be effected. Also personal friends with Virgo, Waspy works outside in this manner with him to make sure the village properly functions externally.


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