Dec moth Talvi
Gender Male
Age 27
Mane/Tail Colour Blonde
Coat Colour Brown
Wing Colour Black & Blonde
Eye Colour Black
Moth Species December Moth
Friends/Relatives: Noctua (Wife)
Creator: Talvinon


Talvi is a 27 year old moth pony who has worked all his life farming lichen, moss and fungi for their various properties. He met his wife Noctua when she visited his families community located in a silver birch forest in the north. Noctua settled down with him & his extended family. Talvi always regretted making Noctua give up her passion of documenting moth-pony history and so he purchased a plot of land to the south in the moth settlement of Dust Valley in the hope it would give her more opportunity to engage in her research.

Talvi intends to get his new farm up to scratch & to attempt to grow different types of plant that wouldn't have grown in the northern reaches. He intends to get to know the local ponies but is a little skittish and finds himself easily distracted by natural phenomena. He has a bad habit of collecting those things he finds interesting and bringing them home and leaving them in the house.

Talvi has a particular love for the colour Umber which apparently comes from the fact that when he was a little foal he managed to make it from some nautral pigments he found. Unfortunately he then coated himself in the colouring and gave his parents a terrible shock.

If he's not on the alcohol then can usually be found sipping Silver Birch sap which if he's lucky he occasionally stubles across while he's out working. If this happens it's a near gurenteed distraction.

He tends to have a good reaction to most things winter, frost on a brook, snow, seeing his own breath and other wintery things because of how much they remind him of his original home. He misses his family in the north but wouldn't change being with Noctua for the world.

He almost always wears his wedding band which Noctua wove for him however he does have a bad habit of misplacing it if he's had to take it off for any siginifant ammount of time.

He also has in his posession a house key from his old house. It's made of metal which back home was a real rarity.

Talvi absolutely dispises Maggots for the way they squirm and writhe he is particulary freaked out with how they eat dead flesh. His major phobia however is his antennae being broken & he will activly discourage most people from touching his antenna.



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