A visual index of the Moth Ponies.
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Mothpony MaresEdit

Moth Creator Species Image
ActiasNobby/Nuke Actias Luna 1386371769655
Aloe Emperor Gum Moth Aloe
AmataNobby Maid Alice Wasp Moth Amata
AutumnGritsaw Saturnia Pavoniella Autumn Style
Birch Aethalura Punctulata 1386577758754
ButterscotchButterSketch Buttersomuchass
CaramelNips 1386397202305
CejireWalnut Columbia Silkworm Moth CEJIRE FIRST
CinnamonDotkwa 1386300805237
CydiaGraphiteAchasse White-Speck Moth 1388024865844
Dawn GleamMicrosoft Official Isabella Tiger Moth Dawn Gleam
EmberKingM0us Ember Ash small
Frosty FlickerHollulu Flicker
Golden Corral Golden Emperor Moth 1386376876859
HexferryHollulu Death's-Head Hawkmoth 1386384786248
Lamp 1410740129198
LightbulbUlti/Puddi/Woofy/Anon White Lined Sphinx Moth LightbulbSlightRevision1
LucidInLucidReverie LUCID
Meisa Crimson Speckled Moth 1386401992045
Funny Valentine Mintybutt
NoctuaSarei Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing Noctua fimbriata
PaprikaSlimePrnicess Drifthuh
PlumDotkwa Rosy Maple Moth 1386401912429
ReverieInLucidReverie Reverie
RobinSand Robin Moth Robin
SepiaSepiaMoth (Newbluud) Striped Hawkmoth Sepia
SequinHollulu Royal Blue Flutterer Scrunchbox
Shimmer LightBreakfast White Spring Moth ShimmerL
Silk TouchCEE-ESS Polyphemus Moth SilkTouch
SnootWoofyhound The Snout ITBEGINS
SqueakNobby TOP MOTH
Sweet SilkFinnanon Silk Moth Tumblr nvvh17P0zG1uixlkbo1 1280
Sweet VermeilStarkdust 1518227808936
Vagrant Flame Vagrant

Mothpony StallionsEdit

Moth Creator Species Image
ActeusSlimePrincess Pergesa Acteus 1386556309944
BellNuke/SlimePrincess Rachiplusia ou 1406562897922
Grand Moth TarkinKlokateer Bogong Tarkin (2)
GeminiNips Gemini+color
Little Light Mothymothlight
Moon DustMrRowboat Lunar Moth Howaboutnow
Pepper DustSlime Princess Peppered Moth Sneezy
TalviTalvinon December Moth Dec moth Talvi
TonicShade Tonic
VirgoNobby Virginian Tiger Moth 1386810410064
WaspyNobby Lunar Hornet Moth Waspy

Mothpony Youths (Fillies/Colts/Foals)Edit

Moth Creator Species Image
DandelionBatDesu Muslin Moth Dandelion3
Flower TartFlowerTart FlowerTartFoundHerMomsStraightener
MarronFlowerTart FREEDOMS
Orange PopFlowerTart OrangEyes
SagitarriusNips/Nuke/Slime Kiddo
SemaFunny Valentine Wood Tiger 1405075434889