"Hello, Anon!"
Gender Female
Mane/Tail Colour Lavender
Coat Colour Pale Blue
Wing Colour Blue and Magenta
Eye Colour Magenta
Moth Species Royal Blue Flutterer
Friends/Relatives: None
Creator: Hollulu


One of the first moth ponies created in the threads.

Sequin is a seamstress moth-pony who uses silk and is obsessed with sparkles. She has a habit of being overly focused on her glittering projects, so she'll completely miss everything around her, and can become irritable when she is interrupted.

Though she tries to avoid spending too much time playing video games, Sequin has difficulties tearing herself apart from the glowing screens. Her hobbies and interests lead her to being a shut-in, despite her dislike of being alone.

While Sequin is almost nothing but friendly, she can be difficult to understand when speaking, and has a tendency to go off on tangents. Sequin is also shy, nervous, and overly apologetic, but dislikes those aspects of herself and works to be more assertive and confident.

Unbeknownst to pretty much everyone that isn't familiar with her, her strange hobbies at home are what inspire her to actually get out to do something. That said, the juvenile dragon that acts as a mother/caretaker to her gives her the sense of responsibility to go out and get work done for him.

When not tending to her pet, one of three things can be expected of her:

  1. Helping out/Hanging out at Minty's Cafe with decorations supplied by her, occasionally taking part in the theme she's cooked up.
  2. Playing/talking about video games, which apparently exist to only her.
  3. Creating clothing and decorations, often times working along side with Meisa to expand profits.


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