Sepia by Spittfire
Gender Mare
Age 18
Mane/Tail Colour Dark brown
Coat Colour Cream
Wing Colour Tan with multi-shade accents
Eye Colour Deep Black
Moth Species Hyles Livornica
Friends/Relatives: None
Creator: SepiaMoth (Newbluud)


Sepia is a petite, colorblind mothpony [1], smaller even than the average mare found around the village.

Traits and behaviors[2]Edit

In general, Sepia is outgoing and talkative, but easily misses most social cues. Despite being quiet and cute, she lacks any real charisma, and is clumsy and unconfident at many tasks, making her infuriatingly-adorably useless as a sole assistant if not continually supervised. For unknown reasons, she is extremely sensitive about her antennae being touched by anyone.

Sepia is polite, referring to others by "Mister" or "Miss", or other established titles. Sepia's voice is a slightly thin, accented, chirpy/squeaky ordeal (similar to that of Betty Boop).

Talking to her long past the first impression, will reveal she is very insecure about her own abilities and general standing in life. It is also straight-forward to conclude that she is sexually clueless as to both the how and the whys of mating rituals of any kind. As such, she maintains no moral standing on the issue, either.

A mare of simple tastes, she enjoys nothing more than a nice drink and/or a long night's sleep when she can get it. If tipsy or drunk, she becomes talkative rather than boisterous or promiscuous [3].

Relationship to villageEdit

Sepia lives alone in an average, unremarkable house in the village, making her living doing odd jobs, as she hasn't yet found a discernible talent to contribute with in the year and a half she's lived there[4] [5].

History according to NewBluud [4]Edit

She was the daughter of a very wealthy and influential family. Unfortunately, her small stature and lack of colour made her an unattractive mate in the eyes of the traditionalist aristocrat, but, nonetheless, her family tried to arrange a marriage for her with the heir to a separate fortune. Needless to say, her drab colouration and less than stellar genes caused her to get rejected by this stallion, and her family took that as a grave disgrace. She, as an only child, was labelled the failed generation of her lineage and effectively disowned, although she still lived on the estate.

Eventually, she absconded with a small amount of stolen money, hoping to find some sort of life, independent of upper-class breeding. Her confidence, however, took a massive hit from the whole ordeal. Not to mention her sheltered upbringing left her pretty bad at understanding the world and other individuals in it. She's not snobby but doesn't really know how normal mothpone do.




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