Gender female
Mane/Tail Colour Blond
Coat Colour Dark grey
Wing Colour Unknown
Eye Colour Black with light blue irises
Moth Species [1] Wood Tiger
Friends/Relatives: Dandelion, Flower Tart, Orange Pop and Marron
Creator: Funny Valentine


Orphan mothpony and a bit of a wild child, Sema almost always wants to do something cool instead of sitting around. She has a bad habit of thinking some things are too childish for her and thinks she's much more grown up than the other fillies, but will usually push those opinions aside very fast because she does not want to be left out if her friends start to play and have fun. She's overall friendly but has a mean temper if upset.

Sema likes to hang out with her friends, but has no trouble enjoying herself without the company of her friends. She gets into trouble from time to time due to her personality but won't be outright mean to anyone without a reason.

Sema also thinks Virgo is pretty cool and idolizes him a little, much to his annoyance. Due to her appearance some mothponies have mistaken her as Hexferry's kid, much to Hexferry's dismay.



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