Pepper Dust
Gender Male
Mane/Tail Colour Cream
Coat Colour Chocolate Brown
Wing Colour Red-Orange with Yellow and white spots
Eye Colour Red-Orange
Moth Species Peppered Moth
Friends/Relatives: Paprika(Cousin)
Creator: Slime Princess


Pepper is a quiet pony who works as a merchant selling spices. He is allergic to his own dust so it makes him sneeze a lot and his eyes water. He usually stays inside his shop since he is sick all the time. He works alongside his cousin, Paprika in his shop growing herbs and selling spices.

Relationship to villageEdit

Pepper Dust sells spices for his income [1], running a cozy storefront which is attached to his house. Some of the spices he sells are collected wild from the surrounding forest, where others are grown by hoof.

Occasionally, he'll also garden for other ponies on the side [1].


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