Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing Noctua fimbriata
Gender Female
Age 26
Mane/Tail Colour Brown and yellow
Coat Colour Beige
Wing Colour Brown, black and yellow
Eye Colour Terracotta
Moth Species Broad Bordered Yellow Under Wing
Friends/Relatives: Talvi (Husband)
Creator: Sarei


Noctua is a 26 year old moth who lives in a modestly sized night farm in a silver birch glade on the outskirts of Dust Valley. She recently moved there with her husband Talvi. She has and avid interest in history and folklore of the moth-ponies. Her aim in life if to document as much information of moth-pony history and mythology as possible.

She works as a book maker and repairer on a small scale and has her own wooden printing press which she is especially proud of. She often takes journeys to try and discover different versions of moth-pony folk-lore, however this has lessened over the years as she had been with Talvi though her personal choice.

Temporary: (Since the template change blanked these from the infobox) likes = Her feather bed, midnight blue, Evening Primrose, Silver Birch bark, wedding band, printing press, folk-law and history dislikes = Cages



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