Mintys Cafe is, as implied, a cafe in the Dust Valley. Owned by Minty with Birch pulling the strings in the back, it serves as a hangout for all of the notable residents living in the valley. Due to their almost entirely sugar and liquid diet, it also doubles as a restaurant with the occasional solid treat being made for the one residential human. How he's even living off the stuff is a mystery.

With a regular pattern, Caramel and Sequin often come by to help Minty with her business in their own ways. It can be assumed that the following positions belong to their respective moth;

Manager: Minty, though the more complicated ends most likely go to Birch.

Cashier: Alternates between Minty and Birch.

Chef: Also Minty.

Attendant/waitress: Caramel, although the job is frequently passed around the four main moths depending on who's present.

Decor: Sequin, who's pretty much Mintys main dealer for this stuff.

If one could describe the Cafe in a single word, it's be "weird". Not in the design sense or atmosphere, in fact it's much ordinary, if somewhat generic, in terms of that. But what can make one call it "weird" is it's habit of attracting problems, events, and otherwise unique occurrences right to it. Whether it's an experimental series of drinks that make you horny, or the multiple counts of stalking taking place, or even the frequently changing theme that involve airplanes and Hooters imitations, you can always expect something to go down over here.


Stories: Edit

A lot. Like, take a look over into the thread and see how many involve this little old building. One notable event can be Series 2 of Breakfast around the middle to end.