Gender Female
Mane/Tail Colour Cyan
Coat Colour Aquamarine
Wing Colour White and cyan
Eye Colour Dark
Friends/Relatives: Anyone
Creator: Funny Valentine


A little bit airheaded but overall friendly, Minty is a very happy and easygoing mothpony, though her calmness and simple nature can make her seem a bit dim at times.

Relationship to Village

Minty runs a coffee and tea shop alongside Birch, who operates her own bookstore out of the same location and acts as a barista and server to assist Minty. Minty's primary role is to grow the teas and other herbs and flowers which are used in what's served there[1]. Excess plants may be sold to Pepper Dust for curing and export or local sale in plain dried form.

When away from work, Minty can often be seen hanging out with many of the villagers she encounters during her own plans. Most notably Birch, Caramel, and Sequin are among her best friends to entertain herself with.




Mint Shenanigans

Mint Shenanigans (Alternate ending)

Mint Shenanigans (Clop ending)


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