Gender Female
Mane/Tail Colour Grey
Coat Colour White
Wing Colour Red and grey spotted (square spots)
Eye Colour Orange
Moth Species Crimson Speckled Moth
Friends/Relatives: Caramel
Creator: Unknown


Meisa has a "high class" type of personality, but she doesn't let that keep her from having fun with her friends. 

She spends her time learning about fashion styles all over Equestria, and hanging out with her best friend Caramel.

In her free time, she is known for her hard work with fabrics, clothing and decorations, often collaborating with Sequin to expand profits. Despite living with a group of ponies known for devouring fabrics, she's proven herself to be capable of holding her business together, no matter how many times she or her associates indulge themselves at their latest creations.



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