"This wasn't on the Encyclopedia Equestriana..."
Gender Male
Mane/Tail Colour Ucle brown
Coat Colour Sand brown
Wing Colour N/A
Eye Colour Tangerine
Friends/Relatives: None
Creator: FlowerTartAnon


A colt with a particular fondness for varying foods affiliated with the word "cake", Marron often refers to himself in the third person, calling himself "you", and is sometimes found talking to no one in particular. He is a lethargic colt who likes to take naps and often seeks the easiest path toward solving a problem. He tends to be laconic in his speech, using the least amount of words he can to respond.

Marron spaces out a lot and likes grooming himself, with particular focus on his antennae. When not napping, reading, or grooming, he may be found playing with his pet Honeyguide bird named Sweets.



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