Gender Female
Mane/Tail Colour Purple
Coat Colour Gray
Wing Colour Dull shades of green with purple spots
Eye Colour Dull green, purple irises. Sometimes wears coloured lenses.
Friends/Relatives: None
Creator: InLucidReverie


Lucid tends to be very sadistic, but not outright hostile or mean. She's not afraid to say her opinion on things, even if it would cause disagreement with her friends. She also likes to dress up in goth lolita clothing from time to time, and likes dresses and clothing in general, as long as they fit her criteria, which leans towards the Gothic Lolita fashion and darker colors in general.

Somewhat secluded (though not to the extent of a certain other mare), she seems kind enough to help other residents at certain points. Whether it's out of boredom or a hidden soft spot that drives her is unknown. Most notably, Moon Dust has been somewhat of a student to her when it comes to embracing his more feminine side.



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