Tarkin (2)
Gender Male
Age Pretty old
Mane/Tail Colour Brown
Coat Colour Tan
Wing Colour Brown
Eye Colour Blue
Moth Species Bogong
Friends/Relatives: Atlas
Creator: Klokateer


Tarkin is the current Grand Moth of the moth pony village of Lastlight, a relatively small settlement (though large by moth pony standards) hidden deep within the forest of Hollow Shades. His role is that of the village scribe; he keeps and maintains the only library in Lastlight, ensuring that the written history of the town is preserved, as well as passing on his knowledge to anyone who comes asking. He is very protective of his library and has become mildly paranoid that everyone in the village is out to get his scrolls: mostly because they are. He has to constantly ward off moth ponies drawn to the promise of the tasty snack that his scrolls present. 

He is very fond of tea and keeps very little company save for his apprentice, Atlas, and the swarm of moths that calls his library home.


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