Golden Corral
Gender Female
Mane/Tail Colour Dark Gold
Coat Colour Yellow
Wing Colour Bright Yellow
Eye Colour Yellow
Moth Species Golden Emperor Moth
Friends/Relatives: Caramel & Amata (childhood friends)
Creator: Unknown


One of the first ponies introduced in the threads, this is Golden Corral. More commonly known as Goldie. She's very fond of her tongue. Very.

Goldie is often seen with Caramel, with whom she frequently gangs up in order to lewdly arouse or disturb the largest possible number of other mothponies, stallions and mares alike. GC is often regarded as amongst the top lewd, although it sometimes her appears excessive use of tongue in non-gastronomic contexts is just to tease others and get a rise out of them, rather than get them into bed.

If both are coaxed, it tends to be Caramel, rather than Goldie, who is actually the most likely to take things all the way to Third Base or further when encouraged.

She's very protective of Sepia, acting very much like a big sister towards her [1] [2]. She has a similar behavior around the village foals acting sisterly, though gives the colts a harder time than fillies [3].





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