Gender Female
Age 26
Mane/Tail Colour Maroon & silver
Coat Colour Maroon
Wing Colour Maroon to grey trans with two yellow dots
Eye Colour Brown
Moth Species Columbia Silkworm Moth
Friends/Relatives: None
Creator: Walnut


Cejire is a care free and truthfully a lusty-manipulative moth pony who uses her looks to get whatever she wants in the world seducing the elite type of ponies out of their money. She is very self-conscious of her looks, and always wants to try and stay on top of the fashion world, making her a huge fan of Fleur De Lis, and a very expensive shopper.

Despite the way she acts in being lustful, she is infatuated with Anon, and is always looking for a new ways to gain his attention including bringing home random stallions if she has to. She seems to find Pepper Dust very tolerable, and doesn't mind spending time with him.

In a short definition, you can call her a gold digger.


Intersected III Part II

Moth Ponies: Origins

A peppered Cejire


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