Gender Female
Age 23
Mane/Tail Colour Yellow butter
Coat Colour White with black flecks
Wing Colour White with black flecks
Eye Colour Green lime
Friends/Relatives: None
Creator: ButterSketch


-Skittish / paranoid around of anything non-pony, even simple animals making her act out of her way of being.

-Motherly, giving her a sweet and cheery persona when around of others.

-Protective of those she cares even if that includes everyone.

-Self-Conscious about her body. When brought up, she becomes a bit saddened or in other cases is quick and able to defend it.

-Kind, but primarily to younger ponies and those young at heart.

-Friendly. She usually gives ponies a chance before forming an opinion of them. Believes that the first impression isn't important.

-Has a very light and barely noticeable Russian accent [1]


  • Butterscotch series by NineFourOne 1 2 3


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