Gender Female
Mane/Tail Colour Black smoke
Coat Colour Gray with black
Wing Colour White with black and gray
Eye Colour Black
Moth Species Aethalura Punctulata
Friends/Relatives: Minty[1]
Creator: Unknown


Birch is calm mare of simple pleasures and few words, although not from shyness; she simply tends to let others do the talking in most contexts.

Though quiet in conversation, she is not embarrassed about enjoying an experience carefree, and can be found outdoors playing in snowdrifts in appropriate weather. If prompted, Birch will speak highly of the ability to properly lose oneself in such activities [2].

As a less talkative moth, she gets in few disagreements and remains in good standing with the vast majority of other moths. Others often have a positive impression of her before they even meet, having read or heard about the quality of the books she tends to lend and sell.

Being Minty's best friend, she's the one who can contrast her childish, excitable glee with her more mature and rational approach. Though she might get tired of watching over her at times, she obviously enjoys her company and won't plan on ending that friendship any time soon.

Relationship to villageEdit

Birch is the primary server at Minty's café, as Minty is typically the one to work in back, and also tend to the garden space set aside for the business' various teas and hot drinks. Birch also runs a small bookstore out of the same location and is responsible for the books that are stocked.

Despite the Cafe being Minty's creation, she is more or less the reason why it hasn't come tumbling down due to her intervention with Minty's antics.





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