"I really need to get a new partner."
Gender Male
Age 22
Mane/Tail Colour Silver-Blue
Coat Colour Tarnished-Silver
Wing Colour White/Tan/Brown
Eye Colour Burnt Orange
Moth Species Gray Looper
Friends/Relatives: Acteus (friend)

Actias (friend)

Creator: Nuke (design, concept)

SlimePrincess (design)


Bell is a rather peculiar moth-stallion. He acts in a shifty manner, mostly due to his lifestyle as a vagabond and a gypsy. He has no qualms with thievery, begging, or lying. At the very least, he is friendly and charismatic, even whilst begging.

While long-time friends with Acteus, he greatly fears the close company of other ponies. He trusts Acteus deeply, and as a result, also somewhat trusts Actias during their journey to Dust Valley. He is still wary of her, but not enough to completely avoid her.



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