Autumn face
Gender Female
Mane/Tail Colour Auburn
Coat Colour Pale Orange
Wing Colour Autumnal colored
Eye Colour Pinkish Red
Moth Species Saturnia Pavoniella
Friends/Relatives: None
Creator: Gritsaw AKA AutumnRaineAnon


Autumn is a quiet mothmare. She is curious and likes books and new discoveries. While her curiosity drives her to be adventurous she is often softspoken and reserved.

Having spent most of her life in solitude traveling the deeper areas of the woods she has a deep intimate knowledge of them. The woods she travels are quite dangerous and are avoided by other moths who stay within the safety of the town.

Her day normally consists of going out into the forest and cataloging information about the plants and animals in the woods. Outside of the woods she has difficulty adjusting to urban environments being holistically out of her element.

Autumn has a firm grasp on her emotions, and tends to keep her feelings in check so she can focus on her work. Her decision making is based on logic, and has a tendency to push others away. Despite this she is quite lonely having few who can relate to her. Her evenings are spent pouring over collected data and never goes out to socialize because of it.



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