"Deal with it."
Gender Female
Age 23
Mane/Tail Colour Green
Coat Colour White
Wing Colour Light Green
Eye Colour Dark Green
Moth Species Actias Luna
Friends/Relatives: Acteus (brother)

Bell (friend)

Creator: Nobby (design)

Nuke (concept, design)


Actias is drawn to lights and sometimes chews on cloth, like most moth-ponies. She is very drawn to music, and enjoys squeaking along with the melodies, or tapping to the beat on light-bulbs. Her brother is Acteus.

As a filly, soon after sprouting her wings, she attempted to fly toward the "great light in the sky." Exhaustion hit her, as the warmth of the sun beat down on her, and she fell to the earth. This caused her to not only be afraid of the sun, and have to wear sunglasses while outside during the day, but also influenced the structure of her wings, in that they are semi-transparent, instead of opaque.

She grew up in a mid-sized town called Treble Town, nestled on the northern coastline of the peninsula stretching to the southwest of Tall Tale. After an encounter with August, a human, she took up singing and, with his help, joined the Equestrian Musician's Guild. Despite his departure from her life, she kept with the guild, traveling all over Equestria to make a name for herself.

Actias has trouble showing affection towards anyone, even if she really likes them. She'll come off as brash and jarring, sometimes even snooty, to anyone. Those closest to her can discern how she really feels when her walls break down.

However, lately in her life, her loneliness has taken a toll on her, which becomes apparent during her time traveling with Acteus and Bell.

If one could describe Actias in terms of personality, she could be summed up as an educated, proper, if somewhat sarcastic at times, mare. How much will radiate off of her depends on the present company, tensing around her mentor, August, to relaxing more around friends like Bell.



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